Don’t over rely on one platform

There’s an old saying about not putting all your eggs in one basket.

In this industry, for me, it’s worrying how many people do this.

I can see some of the logic – especially as the more platforms you try to manage the more it spreads your time.

In ways. This is a slight sales pitch of the sort of thing you can outsource to me (or someone similar) – but also it’s advice on why you should or shouldn’t do certain things.

I feel I have to be cautious with what I say in the sense that I can’t potentially speculate. But there are platforms of which I can see performers relying on which I have many concerns about.

But at the same time, we’re only ever a law change or payment processor refusal away from any platform hitting problems.

So my suggestions are
– don’t rely on just one platform
– cash out regularly

I think a very good example I can raise is YouKandy – which pretty much disappeared one day without explanation and left many people with clip sales they never received the payments for.

ClipsFatale hit problems with their payouts – and while there is positivity they will return, it also has left people in limbo for a while waiting for money they are owed.

The ideal is a little bit of a hydra approach, so that if for example one platform suddenly became unavailable, that this becomes merely a temporary inconvenience if you are already active on another.

One thing to of course also remember.
In terms of clip sales, any site you are on stands a chance of you selling clips via passive sales.
Whilst you may have a prefered site to promote (be it commission, ease of use, features, ethics, etc.) being on others gives an advantage of being both a back-up and a means of passive income.

In the unlikely event clips4sale suddenly went down, customers are going to flock to the next available site, so if you’re already up to date on iWantClips then people see you straight away.

Somebody did, in discussion recently, raise piracy – and that they felt minimising the sites they were on would increase their security.

This would be the case if any were actually secure.
If someone buys your clip/photo to download – they can upload it elsewhere.
If someone access your clip to stream, it’s worrying how many sites do not have basic features to stop them downloading.

OnlyFans, for example, preaches security but it is very easy to download videos from.

One thing I’ve done (and offer as a service) is unique watermarks for different sites.

This is something to weigh up. What this then means is if you see your content re-uploaded that you know where it was taken from. This can help you narrow down the culprit working with the clipstore.

It makes it easier to track who bought what from where.
This can also help the clip site identify offenders and make it easier to block them.

Of course, this is extra work and is worth weighing up time/cost vs benefits.

I understand people not wishing to do this – but if security is a big issue to you, it’s an option that makes identifying offenders easier.

We live in times that could be easier for us all. Some people around for a while argue it’s never been easier for the adult industry – and I totally appreciate the battles they’ve fought in the past.
But, not all of the battles have been won.

I certainly don’t feel there’s harm in covering your back.

If you simply do not have the time, perhaps already stretched thin.
Maybe look around this site and see if there’s anything I can help with?

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