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On most social media I am eyemblacksheep – a known/experienced film slave and award nominated blogger (blog here)

Who am I and why choose me?

On and off, I have experience that goes back 15 years.   Around the turn of the Millennium I was running a website and clip store with my ex-wife focusing on Splosh Content.   This helped me build an understanding of elements of the clip production industry – and some of the trials and challenges.   This has helped me gain skills and boost my knowledge.

After that relationship ended, I was away from this side of things for a number of years – however, since 2016 I have been very active in fetish filming.

This has allowed me to meet a number of extremely well known fetish (and mainstream) performers.  As well as being a positive experience this did expose me to further opportunities and knowledge.

I’ve also been part of some filming days where everybody has been extremely happy and also some where everyone has not.  I’ve learnt what helps make things work and which does not.   While it’s important to have quality over quantity…. why not both?

Filming Experience

March 2016 was my first time in front of a camera (excluding prior splosh work) and I’ve been active since as a film slave to great individuals like Miss Courtney, Miss Suzanna, Mistress Evilyne and also to companies such as House of Sinn, Divine Goddesses and Merciless Dominas.

Behind the Camera

I’ve helped behind the camera for a number of great people, either as part of filming days whereby I film when not in shot, but also many times when my only role was the camera person.  As well as work for my own studios, also again with many top ladies.

Store Knowledge

I’ve run clip stores on many platforms and learnt what sort of content sells better where.  I can give advice on usability or run your stores for you.  I’ve had rows with many a customer support over time, I also helped with a little method of boosting commission during a promotional period (and the type of method the site actually wanted people to do).

I could just get a slave to do it…

You could. Yes. If you have a slave who has the required skills, equipment, knowledge and experience – or you can wait for them to learn. Then great.  If you have someone reliable who you know will do what you want in the time you need it, then great.  But, I often see ladies looking for slaves to do some of the tasks I’m outlining who run into problems.  That perhaps there’s a fall out, or it turns out the slave didn’t really know what they were doing.  That, actually, they did want something in return (your time if nothing else) but that ultimate there has to be some incentive for someone to want to do your work.  If you have someone at your disposal you can rely on, get them. Otherwise – look at ways I can help…..

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