Camera Person

When you need someone to actually film

Can’t I just use a tripod?

Of course. There are many successful people/clips using just a tripod.  If this suits you, then go for it.  However, I’m aware of tripod-filmed clips which have, at best, failed to really get into some of the action of close ups – or, cut people off who’ve gone outside the film range.   They also take a lot of trial and error to get set up.

I’ll get multiple slaves and they can take turns at filming

I’ve seen this done very well also.  But, it has problems.  If a slave has to leave, or has a clip they really need to recover from, then filming stops.  Or worse, the slave still TRIES to film and then suddenly comes over feint in the middle of shooting the scene.  And while operating a camera isn’t really difficult – I’ve seen some whose work really could have been better, be it overuse of the zoom or an imbalance of the action.

I could get one of my own slaves to film and not be in any scenes

This is effective.  I’ve been on many successful shoots using this model. A limitation, however, do you have a slave who is happy to give up a day and watch you play with other slaves and not be part of it? If so, no problem.

But – in all of the above, do they just film or can they bring any extra?

What I bring to the table

You know that I don’t need to be in a scene. I don’t need a little play off camera. You don’t need to hang out with me after the other slaves have gone.

I come in, film as MUCH content as we can in the time permitted.  And either leave you with a copy of the footage if you provide the memory card, or go home and edit it.

Now, as well as having someone with experience on being both sides of the camera there is more again I can offer…

Quality v Quantity (but why not both…)

Undoubtedly, it makes more sense to film 4 good quality clips than 8-10 that are rushed or ‘for the sake of it’. But, if the time permits for more clips, let’s work together to get more AND get more at a higher quality.

If you have a premises booked for 6 hours – the hire cost is the same regardless of how many usable clips you get.  What we want is as many clips for you that you are happy with. An experience that everyone enjoys (or consensual doesn’t enjoy) and all of us, you, me, the slaves, wanting to do this again.

I can help you plan and storyboard.   I can help co-ordinate slaves and activities. Slaves tend to perform better in fetishes they enjoy so I can help get a little balance so you get the content you want and they leave happy (enough).

I can also come equipped with my 4k camera, extra lamp and studio lights, which increases the options on venues we can work in.

I can help promote the clips via this website.  And while you will be booking me to be behind the camera, I can jump in front if desired or needed.


Typically around £150 plus travel.  Travel is standard class in train via the cheapest available route, unless flying is cheaper/easier.  I don’t get the megabus/national express unless it really is easier.

There may be variances to that for example on longer days, excessive pre-planning or when I have higher costs.  Or, if anything can be off-set, for example if it’s also possible for me to gain content for one of my stores.

That is ‘all in’ for filming, editing and general assistance.

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