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  • alternative payment - 10 Solutions for Deposits/Tributes/Tips 10 Solutions for Deposits/Tributes/Tips

    Recently there was a bit of a shock when Circle Pay announced it was discontinuing P2P payments.
    This was also followed by a similar announcement from GooglePay.

    With banks now also insisting on real names to be used when making payments – this is starting to limit options for things like; deposits, tributes, reimbursements.

    So. I want to assess what some of the options are for both clients and providers.

    (1) PayPal

    I just want to get this out of the way as a big, fat, no.
    While some are using it successfully it runs too many risks of being suddenly closed down and funds frozen. Anything from a disgruntled customer reporting to a careless one writing “deposit for our session”.
    Avoid.read more

  • twitter shadow ban 1024x490 - Fighting the Shadowban Fighting the Shadowban

    There’s been a lot of talk again about users being shadowbanned on Twitter or looking to find if they are.

    I feel – the sad truth is – if you are a sexworker or post otherwise adult content… assume you likely are, or will be, shadowbanned at some point.

    I guess first questions are
    – what is a shadowban?
    – what causes a shadowban?
    – how can I find if I am shadowbanned?
    – what are the consequences of it?

  • piggy bank broken with hammer - Save getting hammered on payout fees Save getting hammered on payout fees

    For anyone with a clip or cam store, I think one of the most depressing things when it comes to payout is often how hammered you get for fees.

    Aside from the conversion from $ (which seems to be the default currency) to £ (or € for some of our mainland friends) there’s nearly always a higher minimum threshold vs US bank accounts and a higher transaction charge.


    C4S – transfer to UK bank – $45 – transfer to US or EU bank – nil
    IWC – a bit more complex, but transfer to US bank has a minimum of $50, but Internationally is $100.  Your first withdrawal to an international bank is free, but additional in the same calendar month carry a $50 charge.
    Cam Sites – I’m less versed on, but I heard someone charged $130 in fees for one of their payouts!read more

  • logo web bottom - How to avoid your bank giving away your real name How to avoid your bank giving away your real name

    Something fairly major is happening in banking soon and it’s not been very widely talked about in our circles and how it affects us.

    Link : Important changes

    This is coming in July – quite simply the “payee name” that the sender types in will have to match the name on the bank account.

    This is fairly important when it comes to paying deposits/tributes especially with many other financial options not very friendly to our industry (stories of freezing funds from Paypal and Amazon, amongst others)read more