Clip Editing

Clips on your computer make you no money

Let me make you some money

There’s stories I’ve told a few times – but the notion is simple.  I started filming in 2016 and at present I’ve still not seen 6 of the 18 clips I was in.  So, 1/3rd.  Because they’ve just not been edited.  I think now between one thing and another, I’ve not seen around half the clips I’m in and, yeah, I estimate around a third of those have never been edited. In some cases perhaps they weren’t happy with the clip – but, I know in many instances they’ve been saved for another day that just never came.

If the clips are on your computer, they’re not making you any money.

The joys of passive income

Someone once told me, “once you’ve clips up you’ll always make money from them”.  Now… there is more complexity to it then this.  But, yeah.  Every now and then I’ll get a notification of a clip sale and be pleasantly surprised as an older clip is selling again – because someone has been browsing clips or someone has stumbled on your store and gone through your content.  The best things about passive income is that it doesn’t matter how busy you are.  Been laid up with cold, wanting family time, busy with sessions or other work? Just by having a clip up for sale gives it a chance to sell.

The simplest of clips can take time

I will be honest and say that if clip making is an important part of your livelihood it’s not too difficult to buy or use a free video editor and learn how to use them good enough for what you need.   Ultimately, what we’re making is something for people to fap to and not an epic Hollywood Blockbuster.   The amount of tools, effects and features you’ll never need to worry about outweigh the ones you’ll probably need.

But, you input the clip into whichever software you’re using – go through it to watch it back for any mistake or things that should be taken out – add a title, couple of fades and whack render.  I don’t want to talk my way out of a job here – but, it’s not so much the skills here – but, it takes time.  And that’s where I’m here to help.

I don’t need to have filmed the clip

Obviously, if I’ve been on hand with my camera and filmed it, then editing may be part of the deal.  But, seriously – send me your content that is sat doing nothing and I’ll do whatever you need with it.

What I do at the most basic

Start and end trimmed with fades added
Single camera
Obvious errors removed
Intro/Outro added if provided
Title slide added if title is provided
Watermarked with your watermark

And that’s basically £5 for clips under 10 minutes, or £5 per 10 minute band thereafter.


Clips under 10 minutes, single camera – £5
Every 10 minutes thereafter add £5
Cutting in additional footage add £5
Multi-Camera £5 per camera per 10 minutes (i.e. 3 camera 10-20 minute clip = £30)
Write a description add £5
Provide a set of stills add £5
Create a gif preview add £5
Upload to your clip site instead of return to you – free*
Upload to your clip site and schedule/publish £5 for up to 3 sites**
(*I will need access to your clipsites to do this – eligible stores include iWantClips, Clips4Sale, xHamster Premium, ManyVids, Amateur Porn, Dominity.)
(**This does not include description writing, so I need either one from you or for one to be requested)

This means a clip under 10 minutes can be edited and placed on sale for just £15. This may mean you need to sell just THREE copies to cover this. A clip over 10 minutes could be just £20 – likewise, 3 sales would like cover it.

There is more info on my Clip Store Management here.

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