Clip Store Management

Getting your clips – then selling them

What extra time does it take?

Like a lot of things, getting the most out of anything takes a lot of time.  There are lots of guides and tips about for getting the most out of your clip store (some of which do make you feel bad when they tell you what you should be making, but let’s skip that!) and it’s easy to read, smile and nod – and then just not have the time to follow through.

The simple process

At it’s easiest – to list a clip for sale is as follows.

Step 1 – upload the clip to the site you wish to list on.  Some will allow you to upload in order to publish when ready.  Some, even though you can future date, still have to go through the full process and hit “future date”

Step 2 – writing a description – and this can be difficult.  Going in to too much details can let someone fap over the story but not enough could fail to convince someone they will enjoy the clip

Step 3 – putting the right tags and categories.  Not too difficult, but remember some stores only list in the main category

Step 4 – set a price. Probably the easiest part of the process.

Step 5 – publish now or future date (if the site allows future dating) but, just when is the best time?

Now, again – like a lot – there are people who manage this quite well and have this process as part of a set admin time and also do their own research around this at those times. There’s also different methods around how many clips you have in a backlog and how often you want to release them – frequent releases helps build momentum but some feel they’re competing with themselves if they release too much.  The best result of course is to nearly always be on the front pages to keep you in people’s minds or boost the chance of them finding your store.

Now, although you don’t have to re-write the description on every store, it can be time consuming and monotonous to keep doing this on every store (let alone the upload times)

What I can help with

Without access to your store I can write a description so long as I have the clip.  This is simply £5.  My description will cover the synopsis of the clip and try to build excitement, without giving away too much.

Or, with access and a further £5 (or just £5 if you send me the description) I can list on three clip stores of your choice. (2 versions of the same clip counts as 1 listing).

I can select categories and use tags as part of this in order to increase the chances people find your clips – I can even make recommendations on your settings if you’re not making the most out of autotweets or contests.

I also keep up with the latest site news – the monthly Clips4Sale seminar for example is normally 40-60 minutes.  I watch so you don’t have to.

I can even help set you up on sites you are not on.  This is typically a £15 per site set up fee with a negotiable price to list backdated content* or standard charges going forward. (*subject to quantity and your needs)

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