Clip Store / Shared Content

Working Together to help us both

New clip stores coming soon

As well as being able to help you have clips available to make you money, in 2019 I will be launching two or three new clip stores. Domestic Femdom has already been launched and is my priority for content.

I’ve already being gathering content and so would continue to seek out working with others on a content share basis – whether this is part of another filming day or on a stand alone basis.

The themes for the three stores are :

Domestic Femdom

The premise is a simple Dominatrix-next-door.  Around the fantasy that the nice lady living on your street just might happen to be a Dominatrix. Does she have a dungeon? Does she NEED a dungeon? Or can she just Dominate in a variety of ways without the need for the typical dress up.  View the store here

Foot Fetish

I know it’s done to death – but this is a general all round “all things feet” – whether it’s simple stuff like foot worship, to things like trampling, breath play or kicking.  (This is now less of a priority as I think content will just be used for the Domestic Femdom website)


In these scenarios it would be the ladies who are getting messy.  Often with a premise that it’s a form of punishment for behaviour, or possibly an opportunity for revenge for previous torment.

For us both or part of something else?

If these are things that work for us both then there are a number of ways we can utilise this on a shared content basis – by either splitting the clips, or by setting exclusivity periods.   Alternatively, it could be possible that these are clips I can obtain as part of another filming day, in which case we can review the costs.

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