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Costs less than you’d think

Why pay more?

The price list is something I’d been coming up with as part of work I’d been doing for other performers, looking at how much time it was taking me and what was provided.   My aim is not to try to undercut anyone else, but simply come up with a structure that could work for both newbies and experienced people – effectively paying me to help you make money.

The list of services is non-exhaustible – if you think I may be able to help with something that isn’t listed, please get in touch.


Full section with more info here.

In short, I take your already edited photos or video and return to you complete with your watermark on them.

Setting up a new watermark£5
watermarking photo set (max 100 photos)£5
every 100 photos over£5
watermarking video£5 (per format)

Clip Editing

Full section with more info here

In short – you send me the clip that needs editing; I cut out any obvious errors, tidy up – add watermark, titles, credits, as required and either return the clip to you or upload it to the holding area of your clip store.  Hell, looking at other sections I can even list it for sale.   By default, edited clips come with my watermark as well as yours, but you can remove my watermark for a small cost.

Clip editing under 10 minutes£5Single camera only
Each additional 10 minutes£5
Cutting in extra footage£5per extra source
Multi-Camera editing£5 per camera per 10 minutesi.e. 3 camera 10-20 minute clip = £30

Bespoke Editing

Not everything is straightforward and I have undertaken a few slightly different tasks.

Example 1 : a camera was rolling during a session.  A twenty-minute edited keepsake version of this was to be edited for the clients eyes only.  The price to edit something like this would be £25 if the footage was below 90 minutes and £40 if it is over, based on a “keep sake” of 15-25 minutes.

Example 2 : a camera was rolling during a session and the aim was to take 2-4 clips from this which could either be sold via clip sites or placed in the Mistress’ OnlyFans.  The cost for this is £5 per extracted clip plus £5 extra.

What this means is that the Lady can now offer a private “keep sake” clip for clients and she adds a surcharge to the session for offering this service.

Post Clip Services / Clip Store Management

Some more info here

OK, so you have a clip – but what else can you get from it? Promotional stills? Promotional gifs? Want a description written and it listed on a clip store?

Write a description for use on clip sites£5
Get a set of photo stills from the clip£5
Create a gif preview£5
upload the clip to the holding area of a clip siteFREE
upload to clip site and schedule/publish£5 (plus any additional costs for description/preview/etc if needed)

Camera Person

Full section with more info here

Typical costs – £150 + travel (standard class, train) this is all inclusive with as much content as we can film, plus my pre-shoot help in working out how to get as much high quality content as possible in the time given, plus all editing.  Price fluctuates on specifics (i.e. excess pre-planning, long days, overnights required, etc) but can also be lowered in exchange for content for my stores.

How this typically works out

A clip sat on your computer doing nothing – you can send it to me and if it’s under 10 minutes I can edit it, write a description and list it for sale on your clip site for just £15 (£20 if it’s 10-20 minutes) and in either case just THREE sales would cover the cost.

On a filming day – if you’ve paid for a premises for 6 hours, it’s the same cost no matter how many good/usable clips you get.  See if there are ways I can boost the quality of your clips.   I will shortly be making a post sharing advice.  If your overheads are £400 – then for 6 clips that’s £60+ per clip.  Or for 10 clips it’s £40 per clip – that’s a fair few less sales needed to cover it….

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