At least let people know who the stolen content belongs to…

What is watermarking?

Simply put it is your logo and/or name and/or website in the corner of any pictures or videos.   These have many advantages we will discuss below.

Helps protect against piracy

Piracy is a big problem in the industry – and while this isn’t the only reason to watermark – it does mean (a) it’s easier to prove a clip belongs to you when you’re trying to get content taken down (b) hey, if nothing else it does give a credit so anyone watching the stolen content at least knows where to go if they want to actually buy your content or find more about you.

Hey, it’s a long shot – but if they don’t know who you are or what your website is then they definitely won’t be doing this.

Reminds people where they got the content from

Though, it may well be someone is going through their porn folder of legitimately downloaded content and come across some they’re not sure where they bought from or who it is – but the watermark will tell them.

Credits on Fan Accounts

There are a ridiculous amount of “fan accounts” for assorted fetishes or just BDSM or porn in general.  The trouble is, a lot of these buggers are a nightmare for crediting above “it was a photo I liked”.  Great.  At least if there was a watermark on it, those who also “like” it know where to find more.

Protects against catfishing

This is always going to be a problem no matter how careful you are – but, there are people who will happily steal someone’s photos and set up an account in the hope to either impostor or catfish in order to lure people in to spend money.  Obviously frustrating if you have to firefight impostors but also this creates a distrust in the industry.

Is it fool proof?

No. Especially not on photos where it’s possible to crop out the watermarks or find means to erase them – but – it certainly throws extra barriers in the way.  Why steal your watermarked photos when someone else’s unprotected ones are available?

Why doesn’t everyone watermark?

Because, like a lot of things – it’s a simple job but one that takes time.  There’s often the temptation to share the photos and not worry about watermarking…. up until you find someone using 30 varied photos of you.

Site Rules

Also be aware that the rules on different sites regarding watermarks changes. A lot of people do not watermark so not to fall foul of any rules.  Some clip stores allow you to include your website, some do not.  Some have other restrictions.  So, it can be difficult to keep up.

This is where I come in…

I’ve intentionally kept my prices to watermark low.

Photos – £5 per set.   A set is up to a maximum of 100 photos.

Videos – £5 per video/version.   If the only edit needed to your video is a watermark added then I will do this for £5 per video per format. (So, if you send me a video and need the watermark on the high-res, low-res, alternative file type, etc. each of these is £5 – or if you need 3 or 4 versions for different clip sites then it’s £5 per version) discounts are available for larger orders and/or if you also include my watermark along with yours.  NB : I am able to use a watermark you can use on ALL clip sites under their current rules.

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